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Learn more about Companionship Care Baltimore

Do you have someone in your family who’s a senior and could get benefit from companionship? How about some extra set of hands around the house? Our adept staff would love to extend a helping hand.

We are here to make it to a point that your elderly loved ones have the needed social interaction and emotional support without having to resort to institutionalized care.

Here at Companionship Care Baltimore, we aim to give seniors the dignity to live longer throughout their lives while maintaining their independence.

Our carers have experience in the art of companionship care, they can give a wide range of services that are tailored to help your loved ones in their homes, as well as providing for their needs. We are available either part-time or full-time.

Our services are very flexible, making it easier to get started. Once we get our assessments done upon our free in-house visits to check in on your loved one’s current status, we can get started right away.

Our personalized care is designed to cater to our client’s needs. Let’s face it every individual has their specific needs.

No Man is an Island

Loneliness and social isolations are very problematic for the elderly, they can bring about a strong impression in their lives. Stress can be a contributory factor to loneliness, this can bring about anxiety disorders or in worst cases, depression. They will cease their favorite hobbies, close their world. In addition, they will neglect their nutritional needs prompting a decline in health and will be prone to chronic illnesses.

On the other side of the spectrum, seniors who have maintained a well-balanced life, staying in touch with loved ones are much healthier and happier. Statics illustrate that seniors who remain connected socially have better physical and mental health. Plus, they have good self-esteem and are less susceptible to chronic illnesses. Older adults who foster new friendships tend to have longer lives as they will adjust to a better lifestyle.

Services offered

We provide the services that are important for older adults to live safely and comfortably. These are the following:

  • Helping with their daily activities. This includes providing physical mobility, helping them stand and sit or help them rise to bed, and lying down.
  • Overall hygiene. Offering assistance without judgment. As time goes by, seniors are faced with problems caring for themselves without assistance from others.
  • Transportation services. Growing older can be a problem as their motor skills decline. Getting around town for necessities and doctor’s appointments will now be an arduous task.
  • Homemaking and companion. Maintaining the house is nearly impossible and may pose a safety hazard for the elderly. In addition, nutrition can be an issue, as well as social isolation is plausible.
  • Medication adherence and physical fitness. Companion care is a type of non-medical care. We make sure our clients are frequently reminded when to take their medicines. They provided with encouragement on their fitness regime to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Of course, our companion joins in on the activity to ensure sincerity with the task.

Companionship Care Baltimore can provide assistance in maintaining the social and physical well-being of the elderly. This is a good match for seniors who want to have a customized needs for attention and social support.

This is to make sure that the elderly have fulfilling, and independent lives. Primary caregivers will also benefit from this on numerous occasions. Companion Care Baltimore can give primary caregivers the occasional break to get the chance to spend quality time with their loved ones. In addition, it can help our primary caregivers who live far away from their senior loved ones.


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