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Home Care In Baltimore MD

Living with us will make you worry less about treading life on your own. We, at Home Care in Baltimore MD, have our arms wide open to welcome you to our home. With our skilled, professional and licensed staff, you will not have to think about doing things by yourself anymore. We will support you, help you recover and provide you with many reasons to live life to the fullest.

What to Expect from Home Care in Baltimore MD?

  • Following a consultation with our team, you will be admitted into a house health plan within 24 to 48 hours from the time of your hospital discharge. If you are not coming from a hospital, you are free to choose a schedule for you to move into the facility.
  • A nurse would be assigned to you based on your necessities. Your health records would be the basis of the care that would be given to you. The staff would be coordinating all treatments and care plans to your physician and family for transparency as well as to make the best course of action for your care plan.
  • You will be given safety and fall prevention screening upon admission and education to help you manage new medications, diet, and lifestyle modifications. Your family is invited to participate in the process to aid in your new journey.
  • Our services are tailored uniquely to your needs and may include the following crew members: clinical manager, nurse, physical therapist, dietitian, social worker, and home health aides.
  • Medical care services can include therapies for heart and spinal cord injuries, care for chronic diseases and accidents, dressing changes, management of drains, tubes, along with urinary catheters; medication management, oxygen monitoring, tracheostomy care, and wound care.

Hospice and Palliative Care

Our hospice partners are together with you, your family, and your physicians to provide high-quality and compassionate care as well as a better way of life. Palliative Care can help with the management of symptoms that patients experience. While patients are undergoing different kinds of medical treatment like chemotherapy, we make sure that they are well supported and that they have a family and a community to turn to during tough times.

We Care For You

Many patients often go through medical procedures by themselves. This situation is especially true for residents who do not have living relatives or who live far away from their family. In this dire time, Home Care in Baltimore MD becomes your family.

We believe that no person should live through life alone. We build communities within the facility to make sure that this belief stays true. We support our residents not only for the things that they need to do and have daily; dressing, bathing, eating on time, home maintenance, medicine management, etc., but also for mental and emotional necessities. For this to be possible, we crafter various activities and programs that would involve each resident to our family and finally, find and create their own bond with others.

Many of our residents get along with each other and even consider each other their second family. We promote this kind of relationships in our home for everyone’s happiness. After all, we care for each other.

Home is Where the Heart is

Making our residents feel comfortable in the facility is what makes them consider Home Care in Baltimore MD as their second home and where they feel most welcome. Our team of medical staff, caregivers and caretakers ensure your loved one’s safety, happiness, comfort and health. Our home is their home and our services will always be dedicated to them, passionately served with the utmost care.