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Home Care In Baltimore

Here you can live a In-home nursing and treatment services when recovering from surgery, hospitalization, or a major medical event. We, with our senior living in Baltimore, are enabling you to rehabilitate from the privacy and comfort of your residence, and manage your illness, support your recovery.

What to expect from our home care in Baltimore?

  • Following a consultation with our home health team, you'll be admitted into a house health plan in 24--48 hours of discharge from the hospital (or at your favorite time).

  • Therapy companies initiate within 24 hours of your first test. A primary nurse case manager and the clinical manager is assigned to work coordinating care and communication and facilitating your recovery objectives. 

  • You will be given safety and fall prevention screening upon admission and education to help you manage new medications, diet, and lifestyle modifications. Your family is invited to participate in the process to aid in your recovery journey.

  • At our home care in Baltimore, the services are tailored uniquely to your needs and may include the following crew members: clinical manager, nurse, physical therapist, dietitian, social worker, and home health aides.

  • Skilled medical care services can include therapies for heart and spinal cord injuries, care for chronic diseases and accidents, dressing changes, management of drains, tubes, luggage, along with urinary catheters; medication reconciliation, reports to physicians or pharmacists, healthcare, oxygen, tracheostomy care, and wound care.

  • After closing the observation of progress and overall wellbeing, you could release from home health care services or keep services to maintain a good quality of life and liberty.

Hospice and Palliative Care at Baltimore MD

At our home care in Baltimore, we supply comfort and dignity using a holistic outlook, treating the whole individual when illness no longer responds to cure-oriented remedies and encouraging their loved ones. Our hospice partners together with you, your family, and your physicians to provide high-quality and compassionate care. Baltimore Hospice targets faith, symptom control, and psychological and spiritual support. Palliative Care can help with the management of symptoms. While patients are undergoing chemo treatment, management is also supported by us..

Hospice and Palliative Care at our Senior living in Baltimore MD

    • Once you and your doctor have decided senior living in Baltimore MD is a possible choice for you, your hospice or nursing staff member will meet you and your loved ones to discuss your unique requirements and desires.

    • Following this initial meeting, a team is going to be assigned to you and your family and will commence additional discussions to make sure your wishes are satisfied.

    • Services can include skilled nursing centers for comfort and symptom management, medical assistance for individual care, social work for counseling and psychological support, chaplain advice, medical supplies and provide management, and treatment services.

    • We offer ongoing monitoring and upgrading of solutions based on our clients' needs and needs to make sure of their dignity and comfort.

    • Our hospice assists our patients, along with caregiving families, to find peace throughout the end of life transition.

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