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Aging in place

This basically means growing old in your own household for longer periods, rather than having to stay at care facilities. It is a possible option for seniors who are in need of minimal assistance with the activities of daily living. In addition staying in touch with your neighbors, family, and friends. You can surely benefit from home care services provided by Senior Home Care Baltimore.

How can Senior Home Care Baltimore provide help?

For us, care is more than just a task, it is a genuine passion. Elder Care Baltimore can change a person’s view in life particularly the elderly. From creating new friendships, and lifting up their spirits.

Senior Home Care Baltimore creates tailor-made care plans for senior’s hierarchy of needs, from physical to emotional needs. We aim to improve the quality of their life, and at the same time preserve their independence.

Elderly Care Baltimore NY plan package

Respite care for primary caregivers

  • Temporarily relieving primary carers of duties
  • Support groups and referring to medical professionals

Personal Care

  • Assistance in mobility
  • Helping in changing bed positions, transfers in and out of bed
  • Toiletry assistance
  • Helping with meal preparations, and diet structuring
  • Bathing and overall hygiene
  • Risk assessment for falls and prevention
  • Medication adherence reminders
  • Helping out with social activities, outings, events, and others to preserve physical and mental stability
  • Assisting clients with cognitive impairment

Companionship Care

  • Round-the-clock care
  • Assisting in activities of everyday life
  • Commuting or transportation services
  • Meal preparations
  • Light household chores
  • Joining activities giving joy, providing the needed stimulus for the physical and mental needs

Giving Quality Care Through Senior Home Care Baltimore

Do you ever wonder if your aging family will feel more at ease at home compared to a caring facility? Some families are having doubts if their aged love ones are placed in a caring environment that will make their loved ones feel abandoned. In addition, might lose the sense of independence and feel isolated. Our services are the answers for those families who want to maintain the independence of their loved ones without the need for institutionalized care. We deeply understand our clients are more at ease in their own homes, feeling more comfortable, which in turn would preserve independence and happiness.

We want to maintain their independence as they would be receiving the quality of care, and at the same time, permitting them to stay at home comfortable and close to their family members.

Involving them in the plan of care

Planning is a step-by-step process and requires both parties to agree. Your aged family member might be thinking of abandonment. Make sure to talk to them about their involvement in the care. They will be hesitant at first, but with the proper non-judgemental approach, acceptance will be in order. The first step will always be the hardest. They will soon learn the value of new companionship with our clients, as they foster new relationships. They will realize the value of your hard work as you have cared for them and would bring you closer together.

Caring for your loved ones should not sacrifice that relationship that you have. Sacrificing your time and effort at the expense of not taking care of your own family should not happen. Love and care should go both ways.

Looking for a trusted senior home care

Nowadays, it is very difficult to look for a senior home care provider. You can look into your local social care workers, check for satisfied client’s testimonials.


We have a better idea! Contact Senior Home Care Baltimore. We will make sure that your loved ones are well taken care of.